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Generating a healthy cash flow is fundamental to successful property investment; albeit whether you choose to take the cash as regular income, to reduce borrowings against the asset, or to build a fund for further investment.


Within the world of Professional Property Investing there are many models available, each with their own benefits and potential drawbacks.  To try and master all of them would be wrong; we prefer to ensure we can rightly claim to real expertise in our specialist fields:


• Single buy to lets

• Houses with multiple occupancy and conversions

• Property Investing mentoring


Very common amongst our clients and partners is the time pressures they find themselves up against.  In response we have become very good at building relationships, founded on trust, to provide you with the opportunity to benefit from investing in property, without increasing the demands on your time.


As you will know, there are investment opportunities everywhere you go; we focus on Greater Manchester. Experience has shown us that it's better to have a truly deep understanding of the area you invest in, rather than jumping around parts of the country looking for that amazing deal.


Manchester provides great investment opportunities.  Compared to London and the South East, Manchester property presents great value, and means investment opportunities are available at a far lower cash threshold than down South.


To find the right investment for you we start by learning what’s important to you; of course you’ll want a good return but are you looking for cash flow or building your asset base?


Generating a healthy cash flow is fundamental to successful property investment, albeit whether you choose to take the cash as regular income, r to reduce borrowings against the asset, or to build a fund for further investment. Relying on Capital Appreciation is more akin to speculation, and is where many investors have come unstuck in the past.


It’s important we understand your personal values; we’re not all the same and your investment should not conflict with your own feelings.  Of course, property is a great way to generate cash flow and make money, but we also hope, in our own way, we’re helping society by providing appropriate accommodation to people from various walks of life.


Having understood your requirements, we will source appropriate properties.  The areas we have developed expertise in are HMO Conversions and single Buy-to-Lets.  For those who want a more “hands-on” approach, we provide Property Mentoring and Coaching to educate and guide you on your Property Investment journey.

For new investors, we often encourage starting with single Buy-to-Lets, which provide the ideal first step into the world of property investing.  They are usually the simplest to buy, refurbish and let, with a strong demand, and are a solid foundation on which to start a property portfolio before exploring more sophisticated strategies.  Whilst some consider single Buy-to-Lets as a little boring, they are still stock-in-trade for professional investors, and buy, refurbish, refinance strategies can still provide very appealing returns on your investment.


HMOs or "Houses with Multiple Occupancy" are a proven strategy to generate a strong cash flow, whether you want a regular income or to reduce borrowings.  An HMO is essentially letting bedrooms individually, with some common space, e.g. kitchen and dining area.  There are many houses in Manchester that are suitable for multi-letting in this way, whether that’s 3, 4, 5 or more bedrooms.  There are also some buildings, previously used for commercial purposes that are ideal for conversion into HMOs, often with many more rooms, and this is an area of specialism that we provide.


Demand for renting individual rooms is constantly growing as our society changes. And demand comes from all demographics. We would not suggest mixing tenant types within a building, but instead adopting a strategy to suit a specific type of tenant. This may be a property with high-end, luxury interiors for working professionals, or simpler setups with minimal furnishings for tenants to put their own stamp on their own space. One of our strategies, which in fact does provide a guaranteed return, is to meet a particular demand from government departments, and we have the necessary expertise to help you with this matter.


If you wish to be more involved in building your property portfolio but you want guidance and the reassurance of the backing of over 20 years experience, let's have a conversation about Property Investing Mentoring and Coaching.  We will support you in creating your plan and implementing it. Often, more is said than done, and so as part of mentoring you we will ensure you make yourself accountable to yourself so your dreams become reality.





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